HEARTHS, short for HElping African Refugees To Help themSelves was officially registered 2018 in Liberia, but has its origins in 2009.

It was then that I made my first online acquaintance with Mayea Gaye, a widow from Liberia,

who left her country after the civil war in 1989. and was resettled to live at the Buduburam refugee camp in Ghana.

Welcome to HEARTHS, a progressive new human rights organization, whose mission it is to

help refugees and poor people in Africa learn what they can do to help themselves.

During many conversations we discussed the fact that most people in Africa have no idea on how to help themselves,

but only look for others to help them.

We then realized that giving them money to meet their short-term needs only helps for a moment, but then, after a while, they are in need again.

Mayea then told me about her vision of establishing a human rights organization to help the many poor people, refugees, widows and orphans in Africa by helping them learn to recognize, develop and utilize their inner powers, abilities and talents, in order to then learn how to help themselves. 

Since she herself was very poor, and she also had a daughter to look after, I helped her to open a small shop where she sold clean drinking water. With the proceeds of that she was able to support herself, her daughter and 2 other people. Another person I met in 2009 became my first online son, who I helped to start a small photo shop on the Buduburam refugee camp in Ghana.

Both of these businesses cost around $ 2500, but with the revenue they were able to support themselves and several other people.

This is the also main idea behind HEARTHS, and the only real way to help poor people in Africa learn how to help themselves,

is by empowering them to start their own businesses so they can generate an income for themselves.

Slowly but surely the word got around, that there is someone from Germany who cares a lot for poor people in Africa,

and so I received more and more friends invites from then on Facebook. 

It was around 2013 that I came up with the idea of HEARTHS and then started our online group on Facebook.

Since that time I have met countless other people from all across Africa, Liberia, Uganda, Gambia, Kenya,

but mainly many liberian refugees who all lived on the buduburam refugee camp in Ghana.

Eventually I met a higly educated man, Jefferson Karr, who also lived on this refugee camp. He was a teacher himself,

and the founder of his own school. With his help we conducted our first group meetings on the camp to inspire our members

on how they can help themselves and one other.

Below you can see some videos with excerpts of those meetings. 

Most of these refugees have lived on this refugee camp, which existed since the early 1990's,

most of their lives, some were even born there, so this camp the only home they have ever known. 

Then, towards the end of February 2024 something terrible happened,

which nobody wanted to even think about, but it was just a matter of time for this to happen.

The government of Ghana wanted their land back, and to so they decided to completely demolish this camp,

which left around 50000 refugees homeless.

Local organizations are taking action in response to this urgent humanitarian crisis and provide assistance to those affected. However, their resources alone are inadequate to meet the overwhelming needs of displaced residents.

The immediate priority is to ensure that those displaced have access to essentials such as clean water, food, medicine and emergency shelter.

We therefore appeal to other organizations, sponsors, donors and compassionate individuals to help in this time of need.

If you or your organization can offer some form of help, be it financial support, donations of chothing or medicine, or if you can just share expertise in humanitarian assistance and fund raising, we urge you to contact me.

Together we can make a noticeable difference in those people's lives who have lost everything and

become homeless as the direct result of the demolition of the Buduburam refugee camp.

Beyond that, the main problem is that most poor people in Africa can hardly read and write, and mainly use the internet

to chat on social networks to find sponsors. They lack academic, technical and professional skills,

a healthy self-confidence, as well as the belief in themselves and their own powers to create positive change.

We therefore suggest the following:

1. The establishment of a school, online via Facebook, Skype or Zoom, in connection with physical meetings on the refugee camp in Ghana, Liberia, Uganda and all over Africa, so that our members can gain practical skills on how they can help themselves and one another. For this purpose, we will invite a prominent teacher from the community at each meeting, who will then teach based on selected topics such as personal hygiene, project development, leadership skills, effective communication, conflict and problem resolution, the importance of trust, honesty and teamwork.

2. In our efforts to be better organized, we would like to rent an office space for regular meetings and workshops, but also as a counseling center for many of the traumatized young people. The cost to rent this space at the Buduburam refugee camp in Ghana is approximately $ 1200 for two years. In Liberia we also found a place that was provided free of charge by one of our members, but needs renovation, which will cost around $ 1000.

3. Establishing simple businesses. such as a used clothing store, a photo shop, a phone card shop, rice, handmade art and jewelry, and sticks for the elderly. The costs for these companies range from around $700 to $2,000. With the income of those businesses, entire families can support themselves, and are then no longer dependent on outside help.

In order to build a strong organizational structure, which can enable us to help poor people in Africa learn how to

help themselves and one another, you can do the following to support us in our mission:

1. Use your time and your energy to help HEARTHS increase our activities and the presence of social networks, create project proposals and fundraise.

2. Join our group on Facebook and teach an online course on a variety of topics such as effective communication, math and english, developing skills and virtues, and help inspire our members with kindness, love and hope.

3. Help with a financial donation.

4. Start a fundraiser for school supplies such as pens, writing paper, textbooks and calculators, as well as used cell phones, cameras, laptops, clothing, medicines and disinfectants.

5. Recommend HEARTHS to other organizations and individuals who could also support our work. Introduce us to your friends and family and publish our organization on your website, social media page and as an email signature.

The following wepage (just click on the picture) shows you some projects we did over the years.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your time and interest,

and would greatly appreciate it, if you support us in our mission.

At least 25% of the income from my services will be donated to the HEARTHS Project.

Life coaching 

I am here to guide you in a new way of thinking, which will empower you to look at your personal challenges as an opportunity for growth and learning

Kein Dinglisch language courses 

During fun and interesting conversations,

I help you improve your German or Englisch language skills, even in just a short amount of time.

Community building 

Group meetings and fun-raising events

to help create the experience of conscious community

through interactive communication.