We all have a story that happened to us, just as the world we live in has a story.

This story was told to us from an early age, by our parents and teachers, we read it in the newspaper and countless history books, see it on television, hear it from our politicians, scientists and other authority figures.

This story defines exactly who we are; our role and function in the world, our values and priorities, our enemy and beliefs,

how we should behave, what motivates us and what we rebel against; all that is the direct result of this story

This story has created our identity, perception and entire personality, it influences how we view ourselves, our fellow human beings and our environment, but the big question is; are we really this story?

Without understanding the underlying theme of this story, and without questioning how this story reflects and influences our real nature,

we all like to change this story for the better by trying to improve the circumstances of our lives.

We are then on the never-ending search for happiness in the form of a career that fulfills us and that also enables us to earn a lot of money so that we can afford a good standard of living, travel a lot and buy beautiful things, we want to lead an exciting life and live where we want to, with people who reflect our ideals and personality, and of course with a partner who has exactly the characteristics we long for.

We all seek our own advantage, follow trends and public opinion as we all fulfill our functions in this world which is controlled by invisible and omnipresent forces.

This is the fundamental theme of (human) history:

Surveilance, control, and the manipulation of the masses through a corrupt authority which pursues its own goals and interests; greed for more and more power, money and ownership, and the resulting injustice, poverty, war, exploitation of our natural resources and destruction of our environment.

This theme will continue to repeat itself until we recognize this fundamental theme and until we learn from history; from the history of the world we live in as well as from our own personal life story.

The basic point of Hi-story is to say hello to this story without getting emotionally involved, but to question this story,

so we can understand the real background, as well as the theme of history, so we can then re-write our own story.

Let's recreate the world!


The mission of Kein Ding is to help you create positive change in life.

For that, Kein Ding offers various services.

Life coaching 

I am here to guide you in a new way of thinking, which

will empower you to look at your personal challenges

as an opportunity for growth and learning

Kein Dinglisch language courses 

During fun and interesting conversations that correspond to

your personal level of speaking, I help you improve your current language skills, even in just a short amount of time

Community building 

During group meetings and fun raising events

we create the experience of creating conscious

communities through interactive commuincation.