The actual foundation of Kein Ding is

a practical philosophy of life and learning which I have developed during my own experiences.

realize2actualize, or r2a states that we all actualize or manifest what we realize, what we are aware of,

During our lives we all ​​have gained unique experiences, developed learned behaviors, as well as a certain way in which we look at ourselves,

other people and the world in general. It is these basic realizations which have created the reality, the world in which we live.Most of these realizations that define us are negative, destructive, self-limiting, and irrational, but because they are the result of our emotional, mental, spiritual, and intellectual response to experience, they are deeply ingrained in our personality structure.

It is an extremely difficult task to become aware of our subconscious programming and to change the patterns which lie at the foundations of the person we have become, but it is this active awareness which is the key to effective personal transformation.

To aquire real knowledge, and to realize something new, to realize ourselves, through which one can gain new insights, is the first part of realize2actualize, but this is only incomplete without the second step, and that is the actualization. or the practical application of what we have learned or realized.

This is the journey of 

which takes us from philosophy to the practice, from knowing to doing.

In addition, r2a refers to the universal laws of life,

such as the law of cause and effect, the law of attraction, and the law of relativity, 

and how to apply these laws practically in our daily life.

Whatever you realize, you actualize!


The main task of Kein Ding is to help you create positive change in life.

For that you can chose from the following services.

Life coaching 

I am here to guide you in a new way of thinking,

which will empower you to look at your personal

challenges as an opportunity for growth and learning

Kein Dinglisch language courses 

During fun and interesting conversations  which correspond to your personal level of speaking, I help you improve your current language skills, even in just a short amount of time.

Community building 

Group meetings and fun raising events to help create

the experience of conscious communities through

interactive communication