If we take a brief look at the early beginnings of our history, we find that our early ancestors lived in natural harmony

with our environment, when we, just like all the other animals roamed the world and lived off the earth as hunter-gatherers.

This was before we humans opened our eyes and by doing this became aware of ourselves.

Slowly over time we then learned to use tools,discovered fire, developed agriculture, and so we have adapted our environment to our own needs, through whichwe have upset thenatural order of things.This was also the beginning of civilization, and thus the beginning of infinite war, injustice and poverty.​Human history is actually a collection of countless revolutions, where the masses rebelled against a corrupt system, a domineering leader,or an unjust government. The old system was then eventually replaced with a new system, new rulers and government forces, which in the beginning was promising, but after a while,the new system became more corruptand unjust than the old system it replaced.


This is the theme of human history, which has always repeated itself, because the power of the authority over the massesis completely corrupt. We cannot win the war on this level, and we should  realize that there is actuallyno enemy which we must defeat, so peace and justice can finally prevail in this world. In reality, we have created the enemy ourselves, and things like war,terrorism, poverty, injuctice and corruption,are only the symptom of a problem whose roots are much deeper, and this is the consciousness that controls the world,the matrix, or the machine of the system that we all serve, where each and every one of us fulfills its function. 

A system which serves us human beings, and that is characterized by justice, peace and freedom for all can never be the result of war, violence or political and social upheaval. Such a system can not be forced upon on us and be controlled by an outside authority,but can only develop from within, as the result of human collaboration and mutual consent.

Real social change is therefore only possible through an evolution of consciousness,the development of the Self, a waking up andchange in thinking possible through which we can take power away from the problem outside of us, and at the same time recognize our inner forces in order to develop them and to apply them effectively.​


"Revolution is a tool of the past. A revolving door for corruption.

The time has come foran evolution for all humanity.

Violence and hatred have no place in an evolution." ​

                                                                                                                                     Eric Parslow

The new revolution begins with an evolution of consciousness!


Die Aufgabe von Kein Ding ist ihnen zu helfen, positive Veränderung im Leben zu bewirken.  

Dafür bietet Kein Ding verschiedene Dienstleistungen an.

Life coaching 

I am here to guide you in a new way of thinking, which will empower you to look at your personal challenges as an opportunity

for growth and learning

Kein Dinglisch language courses 

During fun and interesting conversations that correspond to your personal level of speaking, I help you

improve your current language skills,

even in just a short amount of time.

Community building 

During group meetings and fun raising events

we create the experience of creating conscious

communities through interactive commuincation