What is your unique nature, character and personality?

What do you think about, how do you feel and what influences that?

What is your worldview, your philosophy and attitude towards life?

What are your likes and dislikes?

What upsets you and what makes you happy?

What are your talents, interests, ambitions and dreams?

What are your challenges, shortcomings and fears?

All that is your thing!

Now it is important to realize that we all have our own thing, which is the result of our personal life experiences and how we have evolved through it, unique like a snowflake.

By understanding the real nature of ourselves, we can see that each and every one of us has their own nature, their own thing. However different we appear from each other, everyone has the right to be the way they are, if we agree with it, so dont make a thing out of it. With this insight we can begin to take people as they are, because we know that we cannot change anybody else, but only ourselves. We are all connected as we are all coming from the same source of life, from nature, and that is Kein Ding. 

My thing is your thing, is our thing, is one thing, and that is Kein Ding,

the human experience which connects us all. 

Let us change the world!

Life coaching 

I am here to guide you in a new way of thinking, which will empower you to look at your personal challenges as an opportunity for growth and learning

Kein Dinglisch language courses 

During fun and interesting conversations,

I help you improve your current language skills,

even in just a short amount of time

Community building 

Group meetings and fun raising events to help create

the experience of conscious communities through

interactive communication